Ihram is the intention to embark on the Umrah journey, and it is desirable for a Muslim who is performing the Umrah to utter the saying I wish you will perform an umrah for you will perform an Umrah when entering ihraam. is forbidden for men to wear the Ihram garments, which are made of an unstitched robe and robe, and it is desirable for their color to be white, and in addition to that, washing, perfume and cleaning are among the well-loved Sunnahs that you follow before the Ihram, and the pilgrim should say after Ihraam: To you, praise and grace are for you, and the king has no partner for you.


The Tawaf consists of seven circuits over the course of the Kaaba;As each of these circuits begins in front of the Black Stone and ends at that stone, as for the Kaaba, it is to the left of the pilgrim during the circumambulation phase, and it is also permissible for the pilgrim to quickly walk with the convergence of steps, and this is in the first three circuits specifically.Prayer at the Maqam of the Sunnah The person performing the Umrah when heading to the prayer in the shrine begins to recite the Almighty’s saying, “And take the shrine of Ibrahim as a prayer hall.” It is also Sunnah for the pilgrim to pray two rak'ahs after completing his circumambulation, and after the prayer he can drink from Zamzam water and touch the Black Stone.


And it is a seven runs quest, start at Safa and ends at Marwa, and that of the Prophet's Sunnah to say Umrah when approaching Safa, Safa and Marwa of the rites of Allah it pilgrimage to the House or Umrah is not wing it around with them and volunteered good, God Thankful Aleem, and that at the beginning of the first half.And if the pilgrim arrives at the Saffa, he sees the Kaaba, then raises his hands to pray and says “God is great, God is great, God is great, there is no god but God alone He has no partner to whom the king and to Him is the praise and He is over all things Almighty, there is no god but God alone has no partner who fulfilled his promise and triumphed his servant and defeated Parties alone

Hair shaving or shortening

Shaving or cutting the hair is considered one of the duties of Umrah, but shaving is better than shortening it for a man. As for a woman, it is not a requirement for her to cut her hair short, and it is not permissible for her to shave.